Mission and Objectives

Social responsibility and entrepreneurial empowerment are key components of our EmpreSomos DNA. We believe that supportive enterprising communities not just bring about benefits to families and neighborhoods but make almost anything possible.

Our mission is to fuel and grow the Central American entrepreneurial ecosystem while leveling the playing field into the direction of equality of opportunity. We aim at enhancing the ability of all relevant actors to learn, develop, connect, and collaborate towards shared objectives and, at the same time, contribute to building up a basic support network targeted to autonomous startup entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators in small and mid-size enterprises.

Our EmpreSomos Internet portal reflects these systemic purposes and one where our enterprising users will have enriched access to an interconnected set of resources, tools, and services:

All these venues aim towards facilitating the creation, growth, and sustainability of new ventures while fostering ecosystem actors’ opportunities to connect, collaborate, synergize, and enrich the Central American entrepreneurial fabric.