Advancing the development of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Central American region

The Central American region has millions of young people who are unemployed or underemployed with severe limitations to non-formal or continuous entrepreneurship education. At EmpreSomos, we are on a mission to change that!

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EmpreSomos plays a very important role in enhancing the quality of life in Central America through entrepreneurship. I am particularly impressed by two tenets of their approach: (1) Their broad definition of ‘entrepreneurship,’ which recognizes that the skills of entrepreneurship are the skills required for leadership in times and circumstances of uncertainty, and (2) Their focus on the development of the individual and the community.
Thomas S. Lyons, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
EmpreSomos is an organization that does truly critical things for entrepreneurship development – it builds networks with experts worldwide to genuinely base its support for entrepreneurship on the latest evidence. The knowledge and resources these connections bring are invaluable for developing entrepreneurial ecosystems and new firms in Central America.
Daniel Prokop
Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd United Kingdom
I have enjoyed watching the headway EmpreSomos is making in supporting the development of enterprising skills in the countries of the Central American Northern Triangle…. I encourage all of you interested in entrepreneur growth in Central America to explore supporting EmpreSomos…
Patricia Greene, Ph.D.
Entrepreneurial Educator and Program Builder, Innovation and Research, Uplevyl Professor Emerita, Babson College
EmpreSomos is a friendly platform with valuable information to enrich entrepreneurial skills in different areas. Its knowledge resources are helpful in all stages of company development. Starting a business is challenging, but knowledge resources help entrepreneurs establish the basis for doing things well or with fewer setbacks.
Eugenia Montero
Central American Entrepreneur
It has been a pleasure to engage with EmpreSomos as we explore the development of entrepreneurship programs across Central America. As an entrepreneurship education expert, I know how challenging it can be to build entrepreneurship programs, particularly in resource-constrained contexts.
Luke Pittaway, Ph.D.
Copeland Professor of Entrepreneurship Ohio University Center for Entrepreneurship
When we start a business idea, knowing how to develop the product or service to be successful is not enough. Nowadays, knowing different fields is key. In this sense, EmpreSomos has been an indispensable tool for me to learn about various topics such as technology, marketing, customer service, and languages, all of which have helped me grow.
Sofia Arguello Arguedas
Central American Entrepreneur
Empresomos is a grassroots organization, driven by members of the Central American diaspora and friends of Central America, based in the U.S. Its portal helps individuals and institutions in the region to foster the creation of more and better, innovative and dynamic ventures. EmpreSomos has strengthened its value proposition over the years.
Pedro Marcial Cerrato
Executive director CEMPRENDE, Honduras
"...As a social entrepreneur, working with Dr. René Salgado of EmpreSomos has been an enormous satisfaction. EmpreSomos sets its sights where visionary entrepreneurs can make a difference, to end social exclusion by creating decent jobs..."
Martin Burt, Ph.D.
Fundación Paraguaya
Entrepreneurship, no matter how big or small, always involves challenges and obstacles with high failure rates related to the lack of access to appropriate learning and training. EmpreSomos is a handy web portal to help guide business activities. It offers a variety of helpful online platforms and programs and facilitates access to online mentoring.
Juan Carlos Pérez
Central American Entrepreneur
EmpreSomos reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Central and South America and has become an essential resource for those seeking to become entrepreneurs. Through EmpreSomos, I have shared my research and experiences contributing to the next generation of entrepreneurs. It is an honor to be part of this initiative alongside professionals committed to the progress and innovation of the Americas.
Jason Roncancio, Ph.D.
Department of Business Solvay Business School (VUB) Belgium
EmpreSomos is a very well-structured and orderly digital infrastructure. It does not require the tedium of registration and provides access to useful topics in its different sections.
Irene Castillo
Central American Entrepreneur
I like the focus of EmpreSomos, which aims at the grassroots and bottom-up approach for entrepreneurs and support organizations. This can provide more concrete and meaningful implications to the people making a difference in Central America.
Yasuyuki Motoyama, Ph.D.
Associate Professor The Knowlton School Ohio State University
Entrepreneurship sounds complicated for many people because when they start, they want to see quick results when it is a step-by-step process. Since the recent pandemic, many people in Guatemala created their businesses. I have seen many grow and others fail for needing a correct induction. EmpreSomos is a helpful tool for planning and carrying out the business we have in mind.
Sharon Marroquín
Central American Entrepreneur
EmpreSomos offers supportive tools for those willing to start or sustain their business. The different types of information and examples in the EmpreSomos knowledge Repository are particularly valuable for finding entrepreneurial inspiration.
Plubio Monterroso, MS
Director del Centro de Emprendimiento Universidad Rafael Landivar Guatemala