Free Access to Entrepreneurship Mentors

If you are starting your venture, or trying to expand or improve the services of your micro, small or medium business, you may want to get the benefit of mentors, i.e., persons with experience in what you are doing or trying to do, to get relevant advice or suggestions and making your success less difficult to achieve.

From this page you can have free access to a network of more than ten thousand volunteer mentors in the MicroMentor digital platform, associated with EmpreSomos.

To access the network of mentors and find the one that may be of interest, you just have to register and complete a profile.

To help you navigate the MicroMentor platform we recommend watching the short explanatory video.

If you have visited this page because you would generously like to share your entrepreneurship knowledge and experience, just sign-up to MicroMentor to register and complete your profile as a volunteer mentor. When we give back through mentoring, we not only empower entrepreneurs, but equally important, we enrich our lives with opportunities for growth, learning, and purpose.