To take full advantage of the online entrepreneurship learning, training, and professional development programs of the web platforms introduced on this page, we suggest you watch


Offers more than 4000 free courses related to business, languages, professional development, information technology, marketing, project management, among others.  Its home page displays its courses by areas. If you scroll down and click on “See more skills” you will see the portal’s offerings labeled.


Offers many free certificate programs in areas such as web development, programming languages, cybersecurity, graphic design, digital marketing, and languages. For a complete list of free courses type “free courses” in the search bar. Once you register on this portal, you can select the preferred language for your account.


Free or paid basic and advanced certified courses on programming languages, including HTML and CSS, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, and C++, along with a variety of topics related to data structure, algorithms in computing, data warehousing, cybersecurity, application development, and animation.


Free training programs, tools, and resources, particularly in digital marketing, including online presence, marketing and advertising, social media, as well as analytical and e-commerce tools. Their portals are available in many languages. Here you will find access to its portal for the US.


This portal is oriented to strengthen your learning in digital tools offered by Google and to enhance the use and usefulness of these tools.


It offers the possibility to choose digital learning paths through training and hands-on training labs and free certifications.


It offers content and video lessons in areas such as mathematics, science, history, economics, art and other disciplines, some with interactive processes based on artificial intelligence. It also provides tools for teachers interested in offering their own online courses. For more information about Khan Academy, you can visit its YouTube channel.


It is aimed at creative professionals who wish to learn or develop their skills. It offers programs in graphic design, photography, or video among others, and facilitates interaction among participants. It requires the payment of a relatively modest membership fee, but the platform can be accessed free of charge for one month. It does not offer certifications.


Aprende’s courses are all in Spanish, completely free, very practical and oriented to employment or job skills development. You can find programs or diplomas in masonry, carpentry, office work, tourism and computer systems, among others.


Very useful for those interested in the areas of computing, data and information technology.  In partnership with companies and experts, it contains programs in artificial intelligence, web and mobile development, programming, and much more. It offers free courses but a good proportion of its programs are paid. Most are in English but some of its free offerings provide Spanish subtitles.


With university and business partners in Spain and Latin America, Miriadax provides Spanish-language courses in a variety of subjects, from technology and science to business, languages, humanities and more. Its programs usually have a fee, but a few are free. A list of the latter can be found at the bottom of their page by clicking on the “Sponsored Courses” link.


Offers some 4000 courses in fields such as science, technology, humanities and business, in partnership with more than 250 prestigious universities. It has free programs and offers the possibility of accessing its paid programs as a listener. However, its certifications and diplomas (undergraduate or graduate) have a cost. 


In partnership with over three hundred educational and business entities, COURSERA offers a wide variety of free and relatively inexpensive options in computing, business, health, personal development and many more. You can register with your email account. To change the language of your Coursera login, click on your username at the top right, then select Settings and choose English as your language.  You will then find suggestions for free courses in this language.

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. - Zig Ziglar