Donate Stock:
A stock gift could provide greater advantages than a monetary donation for you and
EmpreSomos mission!

Would you like to make a charitable donation that could result in additional savings and double tax benefits? If so, giving a gift of appreciated stock to EmpreSomos by Global AEBD might be the best action: A stock gift could provide greater advantages than a monetary donation.

  • Avoid the capital gains tax. Imagine a scenario where you can avoid a large tax burden. The stocks you own have appreciated, and when the time comes to sell these highly appreciated equities, you could be faced with a significant tax bill. However, there’s a way to avoid this. By giving these securities as gifts, you can sidestep paying capital gains tax on any paper profit, providing relief and security.
  • Maximize tax deductions. You would like to maximize your deduction as much as possible without compromising your liquidity. In addition to keeping your financial assets, giving stock as a gift entitles you to a charitable tax deduction for the entire fair market value of the shares you have owned for over a year.

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