Your donation to EmpreSomos Central America has the power to ignite dreams and fuel potential in aspiring entrepreneurs across the region. Your support is not just a financial contribution, but a catalyst for life-changing opportunities that uplift families, invigorate communities, and mitigate forced migration. Your involvement is significant and meaningful.

Ready to make a difference? It’s as easy as clicking the widget below. Visit your fund’s DAF Sponsor and recommend a grant to the Global Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Business Development, whose flagship initiative is EmpreSomos. Our EIN is 26-4139772. Don’t have a DAF fund yet? Open one with any Sponsor listed when you click the widget. Your contribution is just a moment away.

If you wish to gift real land, tangible personal property, or business interests, consider adding them to your donor-advised fund.

Bunching is a tactic for maximizing your tax advantages. Begin by making a gift the current year that equals or exceeds your planned charitable giving for the following several years and is substantial enough to exceed your standard tax deduction. Then, make recommendations for future distributions to your favorite causes.

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